The Program

Civic Assets has created a comprehensive model and research design that links together all of the components necessary to assist veterans to successfully reintegrate into civilian society and to avoid the negative outcomes that so many are experiencing today once their military service is completed. The organization promotes this model in partnership with federal and state agencies, existing nonprofit agencies, educational institutions, and for profit companies that want to include veterans in their activities. Civic Assets is working closely with the Veterans Corps in Washington State to create and fine-tune a transition and veteran rehabilitation program to serve as a national model. In addition to veterans, we plan to include active duty military members assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion who have been wounded and are awaiting evaluation before reassignment or discharge. The program includes:

Employment and Training Component
Teams of veterans are assigned to a Civic Assets conservation crew to perform much needed environmental restoration projects and parks and public facilities landscape maintenance under contract to local, state, and federal governmental agencies in California and Washington. Other teams of veterans are assigned to college and university campuses in California and Washington to help veterans in school navigate the complexities of the GI Bill and acclimate to college life to reduce the currently high veteran drop-out rate. Activities include creating veteran's centers, conducting outreach to veterans on campus, and working with the faculty and administration to make campuses more veteran friendly. Civic Assets is also partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs to expedite medical care and to make medical services more accessible to veterans by bringing services on campus.

Internships Component
Following an employment and training period, veterans are placed in real-world internships with both public and private organizations. These internships last one year and are based on the employing agency's existing job descriptions. The internships are designed to prepare veterans for full time jobs by giving them the training, guidance, and support required to create a work history that will make them more employable and help to demonstrate their ability to adapt to a non-military career.

Healthcare Component
The program provides expedited medical and mental health care to veterans and support groups for families through the Department of Veterans Affairs and other resources including non-profits. Civic Assets has forged a partnership with the medical and social work staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospital system in this effort.

Education Component
Program participants are expected to enroll in college or a vocational training program via the GI Bill and are mentored by Civic Assets.

Given the challenging economic climate combined with the eroding infrastructure in our cities and towns, Civic Assets is looking at sharing its model nationally through viable partnering opportunities with nonprofits and city, county, and state governments along with federal land management agencies.

We are actively seeking to expand operations with cities, counties, and local, state, and national land management agencies, along with colleges and universities. To find out how to field a team of veterans, please contact us.